classic red roses

Chocolates.  Wine.  Sinatra ballads.  Red roses.  Some things just evoke romance.  But when love is in the air, take care.  Red roses are so ubiquitous that it’s easy to adopt a grab-and-go mentality about them.  But give it some thought.

Do you want a tall & airy arrangement?  This requires long-stemmed roses.  The classic vase for this arrangement is called a spring vase, which widens in the middle and has a flared top.  (In the photo below the flared top is hidden by greenery.)

The roses below are Freedoms, accented with variegated pittosporum and pink waxflower, which are readily available right now in late spring.  We use whatever filler is  healthiest at the time of year we’re making the arrangement so the arrangement will look its best.

Tall & airy designs, whether of roses or mixed flowers, are well suited to entryways, side tables, buffets, and other areas where they can make a statement but won’t interfere with conversation.

If you’re looking for an alternative, maybe a low & lush arrangement is more suited to the taste and space of the person you wish to gift.

This arrangement, while still composed of twelve gorgeous red roses, can be less expensive if short-stemmed roses are used. (Short-stemmed roses must be specially ordered, though, so plan ahead if you want to go this route!)  Of course, it’s easy to take long-stemmed roses and cut them to suit the vase.

Low and lush designs lend themselves to conversational spaces in a home, such as the dining table, coffee table, or kitchen island.  They also tuck sweetly onto bedside tables and end tables.

Do you have a special event approaching in your circle of friends and family?  Maybe it’s an anniversary, a birthday, or a promotion.  Maybe it’s a graduation, a job offer, or an engagement.  For the next occasion you plan to celebrate with flowers, which design seems more fitting for you?

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