stargazer lily arrangement {context changes things}

stargazers in tall vaseHere is an altar piece for a wedding, photographed in our shop. Hang on to your hat because you’re about to see it transformed. The context above, a burlap-draped table against a white background, shows the sweet side of the pink stargazer lilies. The purple snapdragons and grape carnations pop while the white calla lilies blend in. But then…

pink gazers unitarian sanctuary …on location (in the sanctuary of the Unitarian Universalist Society in Iowa City) the same arrangement took on a new mood: pensive and elegant. Whereas the white callas almost got lost against the shop backdrop, in the sanctuary they stood out, the change in the light accentuating their slender bell shape.

So, brides-to-be, the lesson is this: context changes things. Try to imagine the flowers you love in the venue you’re using. Give a second thought to flowers think you don’t love–maybe they’ll bring the playfulness, the drama, or the rustic charm your venue is screaming for. Something to think about….

~Every Bloomin’ Thing

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