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One of the most romantic ways to wear flowers is in your hair, and we’ve gotten several requests lately for floral hair accessories.  This tutorial will show you how to create a small adornment that would look pretty incorporated into an updo or tucked sweetly behind your ear.  To start, visit this post on making boutonnieres and corsages.  Once you’ve bundled a small bunch of flowers with tape, come back here for the rest.

Ready to begin?  You’ll need a bobby pin and narrow ribbons.  We use the most seriously non-slip bobby pins we can find, because flowers can get a little heavy and we don’t want any lopsided nonsense going on.

The first step is tying two ribbons to your bobby pin base.  Tying these tightly is important: during this step you determine how securely your whole project will be attached.  But don’t be scared.

All you have to do is fold one of your ribbons in half and slip the loop end under one arm of the bobby pin.  (If you use a traditional one-arm bobby pin you only need one ribbon, but find a wider bobby pin if you can!)  Once the loop is slipped under the arm, bring the two free ends of ribbon over the arm, then poke them through the loop.  Pull tight and what you see should look like this:

If you’re fretting, just relax and go from the picture.  The action is much simpler than the words needed to describe it!

After you’ve gotten both ribbons positioned with the looping technique, then pick up the free ends again and tie the hardest, tightest knots humanly possible.

Depending on how confident and coordinated you are, you might go the next step alone or you might call a friend for another pair of hands.  Lay the flower bundle on top of the beribboned bobby pin and gently work the ribbons in amid the leaves, flowers, berries, and what-have-you.  Take your time to avoid breaking any delicate stems.  Wrap the ribbons across the front of your bundle and then work them to the back again and tie another set of strong knots.  You can think of it as tying a sash around your bundle’s middle if that helps.

If everything feels nice and snug you can move on.  But if you want to be doubly sure your flowers won’t shift, go ahead and work the ribbons through one more time and tie knots in the front.

Here’s a peek at the twists and knots.  It’s okay to have lots!

Here’s how it looks from the back.

And here is how it looks on.  Granted, this is no fancy hairdo, but imagine a beautiful braid or a cascade of curls–something gorgeous and flower-worthy.

You can leave the ribbons long, as pictured, or hide all the ends in the back and snip them short if streamers aren’t your thing.  How would you wear hair flowers?  Have you ever designed your own?  We’d love to hear about it!

~Every Bloomin’ Thing

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