D.I.Y. wedding flowers ~ supplies for corsages and boutonnieres

This post is a reference list–and maybe shopping list too.  Your recipe comes later, in the “How to Make Corsages and Boutonnieres” post.  We want to make sure you have on hand everything you will need before you plunge in to your corsage-and-boutonniere-making project.

Fine floral wire.  Butterfly-antennae-thin, this gauge of wire is sturdy enough to support your flowers and delicate enough to slip through a stem without damaging it.

fine gauge green floral wire

Wire cutters.  You don’t need the kind a rancher uses to mend his barbed wire fences.  Something small like this will do the trick.  Even jewelry tools will work!  You just want them to be sharp so they don’t bend the wire.

pink straight-nosed wire cutters

Green or black floral tape.  We tend to use green for the ladies and black for the gents, but we’ve been known to deviate–and even to use brown or white tape.  Pick what will look best against the clothing your flower-adorned guests will be wearing.  It looks nicest if all the tape is one color, or at least if all the ladies share one color and all the gents another.

green and black wrapping tape

Stem snippers.  We like this pointed-nose design.  It can cut through stems + wires + tape pretty cleanly.

orange straight-nosed snips

Magnets or pins.  The magnets are not recommended for anyone who has a Pacemaker (not joking!) but they are a treat for everyone else.  Who wants a pin to poke holes in their clothes or, worse, their fingers?

box of boutonniere and corsage magnets

Magnets take the awkwardness out of attaching flowers to people.  We’ll show you just how to incorporate them in the “How to Make Corsages and Boutonnieres” post.  Of course some people prefer the classic pin-on, so if that’s the case, you’ll want attractive pins.  We usually use dark pins for boutonnieres and pearl pins for corsages.

black and pearl pins

Wristlets.  If you’re going to take on the task of creating D.I.Y. wrist corsages, you’re definitely going to want to hop over to the “How To” post!  You have many wristlet styles to choose from: there are plenty of varieties within the basic categories of elastic, slap, or beaded.

silver and gold slap bracelets; black and silver beaded bracelets; silver beaded cuff

In addition to the bracelets you plan to use, you may also find it handy to have some thicker floral wire than what you used to thread through your flowers.  This wire, wrapped in tape, makes it much easier to attach corsage flowers to their base.  We’ll show you how.

Ribbons. Boutonnieres need at least a little knot, and corsages look lovely with a loopy bow.  You should plan to have at least one spool of ribbon in your wedding color, and if you’re buying it from a craft store, make that two spools.  The yardage from hobby stores is usually shorter than what floral suppliers sell.  Buy all your ribbon at once because colors can differ from one batch to the next.

stack of ribbon spools in orange, yellow, lavender, and teal

Scissors. It almost seems too obvious to put on the list, and if you’re a D.I.Y. bride, we trust you are crafty enough to have scissors on hand.  But we won’t make hasty assumptions.  You need these, in case you didn’t know.

ribbon scissors

Crowning Glory.  This finishing spray is probably more important for corsages and boutonnieres than for anything else.  These poor flowers will never see water again for the rest of their little lives, so do them a favor and give them a drink “from the top.”  They’ll shine their gratitude.

Crowning Glory refill and spray bottle

Okay, that’s the list.  If you’re ready to make your own personal flowers, click here!  For more D.I.Y. ideas, check out the series here.

~Every Bloomin’ Thing

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