dendrobium orchid and spray rose corsage {all in white}

Trends are fun, but timeless elegance outlasts them all.  This corsage, made with white dendrobium orchids, spray roses, and Italian ruscus, captures that enduring beauty.

For a glimpse at the underside….  We use slap-on bracelets, which are secure and comfortable.  The bracelets come in white, black, silver, and gold, which means no matter what color your (or your date’s) dress is, we have a wristband to match.

The couple who ordered these flowers wanted to make sure their look coordinated, so we created the corsage and the boutonniere from the same  flower varieties.

The boutonniere (foreground) is wrapped in black floral tape and decorated with silver wire, as subtle as the shimmering stripes in the corsage’s silver ribbon.

~Every Bloomin’ Thing

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