dendrobium orchid corsages

Dendrobium orchids make sophisticated corsage and boutonniere flowers.  The little eye-poppers in the photos below went out to adorn the V.I.P. crowd a recent local event.

Maja’s famous bows added a final flourish to the organic composition, which included:

-two purple dendrobium orchids (they also come in green and white, subject to availability)

-Italian ruscus (the dark green leaves)

-bear grass (the loops)

Here’s a view from the back, showing the most innovative aspect of these corsages: they attach with magnets instead of pins!  We are excited to offer this convenient way of attaching personal flowers.*  No pokes in the chest, no rips in the clothing, and–if you’re nervous about your date, this is the best part–no awkward grappling to get the thing in place.  (We’re looking out for you.)

Remove the outer half of the magnet set from the paper backing and you’ll see the other half taped into the stems.  It appears in the photo below as a faint circle under the green tape (lower left).

Position the flowers on the outside of your outfit, and slip the magnetic back into place on the inside.  As we say in the shop, “Easy peasy.”

Then dance the night away, secure in the knowledge that your pretty posey isn’t going anywhere.

~Every Bloomin’ Thing

*One word of caution: magnetic attachment is not recommended for anyone who uses a medical device, such as a pace maker, that could react adversely to magnets.

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