flowers for fall {spectrum shift}

All summer the palette is flashy and fun–whether we’re talking about swimsuits and sandals or Gerberas and glassware, everyone wants “bright!”  But now it’s late October, and suddenly everyone prefers the rich colors of a sunset.

royal sunset lily

And who can blame them?  There’s something about the long, dark evenings and sharp north wind that puts us in the mood for sumptuous things.  Maybe it’s the wish to hibernate or maybe it’s just an aesthetic shift, but whatever it is, it makes us want Fair Isle sweaters, spiced coffee, and texturally rich floral design.

royal sunset lilies in fall arrangement

The bubble bowl above shows off the bold colors of fall: yellow yarrow and roses…

yellow yarrow yellow rose

…orange Asiatic lilies and Gerbera daisies, and burgundy hypericum berries.

burgundy berries

Wisping out the top, spiral eucalyptus and turkey grass assure that, though summer may go, a sense of play persists even in flowers for fall.

~Every Bloomin’ Thing

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