garden basket for funeral

When you think of funeral flowers, do words like “somber” and “drab” come to mind?  That doesn’t have to be the case.  Look what can come about when you focus on celebrating a loved one’s life.

graveside basket

You don’t have to have heavy, sad pieces around when you say heavy, sad goodbyes. Even though funerals immerse us in some of life’s least-pleasant emotions, at the same time those emotions often mingle with joyful memories.

This garden-style basket reflects the vivacity of the lady it was designed to honor.  It brims with bright flowers: yellow Asiatic lilies, magenta stock, green hypericum berries, orange spray roses, pink snapdragons, and purple larkspur.  When you want to remember a loved one who was known for enthusiasm and zest for life, let the flowers tell that story.  It’s a fitting tribute to a person who brought delight into others’ lives.

~Every Bloomin’ Thing

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