green & upcycled wedding reception {Johnson County Fairgrounds}

All summer we swam in a sea of pink, pink, and more pink.  There’s nothing wrong with the color.  It’s feminine, flirty, and timelessly bridal.  But after we saw it filling the shop and delivery vans almost every weekend for months on end, it lost some of its appeal.  That’s why Callie’s fresh, green, and upcycled vision swept through our design space like a refreshing breeze.

She asked for a few showstopping pieces, including this mound of white hydrangea accented with variegated pitt…

white hydrangea in giant Mason jar

…and this spray of white calla lilies accented with hosta leaves.

white calla lilies in giant Mason jar

We created two of each style, arranging the flowers in oversized Mason jars we special-ordered through our local Ace hardware store.  The jars, tied with burlap ribbon and several strands of green raffia, set the tone for Callie’s laidback and eco-chic wedding.

We also designed a few pieces in French buckets the bride supplied.  We filled the buckets with purple  hydrangea, Casablanca lilies, bells of Ireland, hosta leaves, and turkey grass.  Can you see some natural, vintage fun building up into a party here?

purple hydrangea, Casablanca lilies, bells of Ireland, hosta leaves in French buckets

But we haven’t told you the best part yet.  The best part was the bottles.  These weren’t ordered from a catalog; they were salvaged, cleaned at the shop, and reinvented as vases.  The styles varied slightly from table to table, but a shared silhouette unified the whole look.  All the tables got a purple mini calla lily with a couple hosta leaves and some lily grass in a bottle.  A green raffia tie adorned the neck of each one.

purple calla lily with hosta leaves and lily grass in an upcycled bottle vase

All the tables also got a glass cube holding curly bamboo and pebbles.  These containers were tied with purple burlap ribbon.

straight and curly bamboo in glass cube with pebbles and purple burlap ribbon

Half of the tables got a Mason jar of hostas, turkey grass, purple statice, and a Casablanca lily.

Casablanca lily with hosta leaves and turkey grass in a mason jar

The other half of the tables got a Mason jar that held a white hydrangea instead of a lily.

white hydrangea and purple statice with hosta leaves and turkey grass in a mason jar

We added candles to every table, because no matter what you think you think about candles, you really need to include them.  Believe us when we say, from having seen hundreds of wedding set-ups, that you can’t do without what candles add to the mood.  (Unless your venue prohibits them, in which case, forget we said anything.)

Callie’s candles came with flair: set in purple sand in a small Mason jar, the white votives looked cute as could be.  We circled the top of each jar with burlap ribbon and green raffia, and glued a tiny touch of purple statice to the knot for a speck of color. white votive in purple sand in a mason jar tied with burlap and green raffia

A few other details from around the room: here’s a “balance bouquet,” or an extra bouquet made in the style of the bridesmaids’.  We’re finding that brides with an odd number of attendants often request an extra bouquet to create symmetry on the head table.  This one features white hydrangea, purple ruffle basil, and turkey grass. balance bouquet with white hydrangea and purple ruffle basil

We didn’t make these, but the favors perfectly shared the playful mood of the flowers.  We loved how they complemented each other.root beer and candy on the tables

And finally, here’s the big picture.Callie's reception at the fairgrounds

We couldn’t be more pleased with the way this reception turned out.  Everything was distinctive, tailored to the bride’s playful personality.  Using recycled containers and featuring locally-grown elements (the hostas, turkey grass, and purple ruffle basil) really grounded this wedding reception in its locale.  And, let’s be honest, it was a welcome reprieve from pink!

~Every Bloomin’ Thing

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