handcrafted fall wreaths 2012

We decided to branch out this year when it came time for fall wreaths.  Here’s a sampling of the unique designs we’re offering in 2012.

This spiral manzanita wreath is so striking on its own that we chose to accent it simply.  A ring of rosehips graces the middle, adding bright color without detracting from the distinctive shape.

manzanita and rose hips wreath

This grapevine wreath is pretty vanilla, but imagine it on a bright door: rustic charm all the way!  Multiple textures interplay in this design; ivory felt flowers pair with nubby ivory yarn while burlap stars decoratively, as a flower, and functionally, as a hanging loop.

ivory and burlap felt flowers wreath

Each flower boasts a tiny pearl center, a textural element that contrasts with the textiles and infuses some sweetness into the mix.

ivory and burlap felt flowers

This next wreath, another spiral, offers just as much tactile delight but it’s not quite so subtle!  Pops of orange and red bittersweet adorn the twigs.  The focal area on the lower right includes beautiful wood elements.

spiral bittersweet wreath

A Himalayan rose, made of seed casings, rests against chips of bark that look like leaves.  Bittersweet in the background keeps things lively.

spiral wreath--himalayan rose

In this next wreath bark chips play a supporting role next to sola flowers, which are gorgeous little blooms made of tapioca peel, derived from cassava.  Here they stand out against bright green reindeer moss and vivid bittersweet.  A jute hanging loop and large bow maintain this wreath’s natural aesthetic.

sola flowers, bark, reindeer moss, and bittersweet wreath

Here’s a closer look at a sola flower.  Its intricate layers of petals may look fragile, but it holds its own next to wilder woodsy elements.

sola flowers, bark, reindeer moss, and bittersweet

That’s what we’re working on!  We’ll be adding new designs all season, so prepare to be surprised when you stop by.  If your front door is crying out for something special, describe what you need and we’ll be happy to create something custom for you with enough advance notice.

~Every Bloomin’ Thing

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One comment on “handcrafted fall wreaths 2012
  1. Sarah says:

    Do you by chance sell the little ivory felt & burlap flowers you used on the wreath I saw on your blog? If so, could you please give me a general idea what 30 of them would be? 🙂 Thank you in advance!! 🙂 Sarah.

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