holiday greenery and accents {time to deck the halls}

door charm with berries and pinecones

Now that the twelve-days-of-Christmas countdown has begun, it’s time to spread the cheer to every porch, door, and mantel in town!  Our front yard is packed with holiday evergreens, from door charms like the one pictured above to mixed noble fir wreaths like those pictured below.

mixed noble fir wreaths

These wreaths are gorgeous as-is–especially if the Iowa City area could get just a little snow to dust them!  They also look beautiful dressed up with a big bow.  To see more on our holiday wreaths check here.  We also have plenty of woodland wonders you can bring home for the holidays.  White birch twig bundles look magically wintry:

white birch twigs

Natural birch (right) also has many creative applications in holiday decor.  Yellow twig dogwood (left) presents a bright counterpoint to a grim landscape and, on sunny days, amplifies the warmth of winter light.

natural birch twigs and yellow twig dogwood

Red twig dogwood boasts a rich hue of its own, and looks as beautiful with greenery as it does against snow.

red twig dogwood

For those who like to live a little closer to the wild side, you can’t top the textural interest of red curly willow!

red curly willow

And for those who prefer the softer side, we have boughs of pine (Norwegian, Scotch, and white).  Near them you’ll find white birch discs, which we’ve used in several ways already.  Some have anchored centerpieces with red twig dogwood, moss, and berries; while others have supported flameless candles ringed in miniature wreaths.  We’re sure you can think of your own creative ways to use these as a unique decor element!

white birch discs

Whatever your plans for decking the halls this year, we have something to get you going!  See you soon!

mixed evergreen swags

~Every Bloomin’ Thing

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