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Because parties and dinners abound during the holidays, plenty of our customers come to us in need of host & hostess gifts.  Often people like to take wrapped flowers with them to dinner at a friend’s house, but sometimes–yes, we’re saying it!–flowers aren’t the thing.

 vase napkin ring

{blown-glass napkin ring bud vase, set of four}

Sometimes as a guest you may not be sure what flowers your friend likes, or how your friend is decorating for the holidays.  Or your friend may be horrible at remembering to give cut flowers fresh water, so you know their beauty will be short-lived.  Or your friend may have allergies.  Or cats you’re worried will nibble what they shouldn’t.

Dec. 2012 hostess gifts Murano glass fish wine bottle topper

{Murano glass kissy-fish bottle topper}

When you suffer misgivings, sometimes it’s best to adopt a new approach.  This holiday season we’re offering practical and pretty gifts so you don’t have to show up empty-handed.

Murano glass-handled hors d'oeuvre knives

{Murano glass handled hors d’oeuvre knives, set of four}

From lovely items for the dinner table to eye-catching accents for anywhere in the home, we’ve curated a collection of pieces with modern sensibility and timeless functionality.

organic white multi-vases

{four-tube white ceramic bud vase}

Give one of these can’t-miss gifts and you’re giving yourself a gift at the same time: peace of mind.  During the holidays, who doesn’t need a little of that?

flameless pillar candles

{flameless pillar candles}

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