how much do flowers cost?

We find that many of our customers feel out of their depth when trying to decide how much to spend on flowers.  Since we do this all day every day, let us give you some information we hope you’ll find helpful.

For the purposes of this explanation, we’ll assume you want to send flowers to Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, Tiffin, Solon, or West Branch.  (For other areas see the section on out-of-town orders.)

Many of the pieces we design on a daily basis cost somewhere between $45 and $75.*  We design in two basic “shapes,” which we call low & lush and tall & airy.  Low & lush means the vase is short in relation to its width. The large bubble bowl pictured here is filled with Asiatic lilies, roses, Gerbera daisies, yarrow, hypericum berries, variegated pittosporum, and spiral eucalytpus.  It costs about $60 for a low & lush design with this many flowers.

The other basic design we use is tall & airy, which means the vase is tall in relation to its width.  In the tall & airy design below, the flowers are grouped much more loosely, with more space in between, than in the low & lush design above.  The tall & airy look can give a sense that these flowers have just been brought in from the backyard garden, but it can also be done in a more stylized way, such as in a traditional funeral piece where the flowers are almost rigidly fanned out.  We prefer the more natural look.  This arrangement would cost around $75, though something similar could be done for less by using fewer flowers.

When cost is not the main concern, we love to design with tropical flowers.  For our part of the country, these are a special-order item; it’s your lucky day if we just happen to have them on hand.  Many tropicals cost $5 to $8 apiece, but you only need a few for a showstopper!  This mossy basket with birds of paradise, anthurium, mini calla lilies, and a bromeliad plant would cost about $75.  Considering that bromeliads bloom for months, that’s not half bad.  We also like the look of several dendrobium orchid stems in a cylinder vase–it’s classy and understated, but definitely gets people’s attention!

By no means are low & lush or tall & airy mixed bouquets your only options.  You can also fill a vase with just one kind of flower, as we did in this small cube with several colors of mini calla lilies.  The birch sticks add a little height, and small green hydrangea function more as greenery than as focal flowers.  A sweet something like this could cost quite a bit if the market price for mini callas is high (which it sometimes is–just ask).  That being said, a similar look with tulips (in season) would cost about $45.

For something even simpler, you can have us wrap up flowers if you think the person you’re sending them to is likely to have a vase on hand.  This bunch of pink alstroemeria looks gorgeous placed in a vase just as it is.  Our prices for wraps range from $25 to $100, which is about the maximum amount of flowers we can bundle without breaking any.

Now that you have some visuals to guide your selection process, here’s the really mathy part if you’re into that:

What Does it Cost to Send Flowers?
It depends. Here are some factors:

Ordering online (processing fee)
A $4.99 processing fee, charged by our network, applies to all online orders. None of that money ever comes to us. If you want to avoid the added cost, our staff is more than happy to assist you over the phone. Call toll-free at 866-351-7242.

Ordering by Phone (no fee)
We accept Discover, Mastercard, and Visa. If you feel more comfortable giving your credit card information directly to us, please feel free to call us. If we are not here leave us a phone number and a time window as to when we should call you. We always check our messages and we can return calls any time after 8:30 a.m. on weekdays, per your instructions.  On Saturdays we open at 9:00.

If you call us you will be speaking with Maja, Sanja, Chelsea, Denise, Liz, Maria F., or Maria W.

Si lo prefiere, María W. es fluido en español. Por favor llámenos de lunes a viernes de 8-12. Gracias.

You may also email us at [email protected]  We check and respond to emails throughout the day.


A bouquet wrapped in cellophane and tissue paper rings up for the cost of the flowers alone.

A bouquet arranged in a vase rings up for the cost of the flowers, the cost of the vase, and the designer’s labor.


Flower costs vary by type. For example, hydrangea cost more than daisies, but hydrangea also fill more space than daisies.

Costs also vary somewhat with the seasons. For example, the cost of roses increases around Valentine’s Day.  We don’t control these price fluctuations; we simply charge an industry-standard markup over what our suppliers charge us.  We do compare prices between suppliers in an effort to keep our prices reasonable for our customers.

Delivery fees

Iowa City/Coralville $7.00

We’re minutes away from the University of Iowa campus and the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. We make deliveries there daily.

North Liberty/Tiffin $12.00

Hills/Solon/West Branch $15.00

Out-of-Town Orders

We are always happy to handle the details of our customers’ out-of-town orders, but we feel it is beneficial to explain how the costs break down so customers know what they are getting.

For all orders going outside our delivery area, there is a $7.00 service fee for us to send your order to another florist in our network.

The minimum for a florist-to-florist order is $45.00 for the arrangement itself. We don’t always know the market prices of flowers in other regions, though we can make educated guesses. Generally we count on $45 buying a fairly small vase arrangement.

Delivery costs about $10 in most metro areas. Taking all this into consideration, the least expensive florist-to-florist order costs $62.00 plus tax. (You are charged the local tax, not the tax in the destination city.*) In smaller towns, charges such as delivery may differ; please ask if you are not sure what amount is suitable for where your order needs to go.

All out-of-town orders must be handled over the phone; we are unable to accept out-of-town orders online.

*Note: all prices are approximate and DO NOT include tax.  Currently Iowa state and Iowa City local tax add 7% to any total.

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