Interesting Way To Use Cymbidium Orchids

For this wedding our bride wanted Cymbidium Orchid blossoms layered in a clear 24″ cylinder vase. Each blossom is  about 3″ across. These Orchids have very thick petals so can easily be layered without collapsing.  We used approximately 30 blossoms in the vase.

Pink Cybidium Orchids in Clear Cylinder Cymbidium  Orchids on a  24" table


Cymbidiums are lovely and somewhat expensive. You should be ready to pay upwards of $12.00 per blossom. They are usually used in bouquets as an accent flower. Many colors are available. Our favorites are green and pink. Cymbidiums are gorgeous and can be used in many ways on the tables and in bouquets.


Pink Cybidium Orchids in Clear Cylinder

~Every Bloomin’ Thing

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