naturally blue flowers

Rare is the fall floral arrangement that lacks red, orange, or yellow.  Rarer still are naturally blue flowers.  Maybe that’s why this bubble bowl is so eye-catching: it defies both seasonal expectations and the typical garden-mix color palette.  Blue hydrangea and delphinium provide a serene starting point for this cool-colored design, which also includes several shades of purple.

Purple carnations round out the shape, along with purple and lavender stock.  Lavender roses peek out around the hydrangea while spiral eucalyptus adds some height.  Let’s get closer to some of the beautiful blues.

Delphinium is delicate and graceful.  It actually derives its name from the Greek word delphinion, which means dolphin.  Can you see that same sleek shape in the nectary (throat) of each blossom?  Named for a swift swimmer and clothed in a watery hue, delphinium is truly breathtaking when you take time to look.

Hydrangea is probably the better-known of the two blue flowers in this arrangement.  Some blue hydrangea is much more vivid; this is fairly demure, which makes it a fit companion for soft lavender flowers and dusky greenery like spiral eucalyptus.

Would you depart from the seasonal norm and decorate with blue and purple in November?  We don’t see many people go in this direction, but it’s a pleasant change of scenery.

~Every Bloomin’ Thing

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