non-stop begonias

Are you counting down the days until the danger of frost passes?  Or are you one of those confident gamblers who started landscaping as soon as the highs were in the 60s?  If you’ve waited and planned, we have a suggestion for you.  Incorporate non-stop begonias into your scheme for this spring and summer.

Are you in love yet?  This is a great choice if you’re planting a shade garden.  As you know if you’ve had to cultivate an area that gets less than 6 hours of sunlight each day, it can be a challenge to find truly pretty selections for that part of the yard.

Lots of times you’re left with hostas, coleus, and other “exotic” plants that don’t do much but leaf out.  They have their place, but these begonias really shine.

Can you imagine them in planters near the front entry?  In boxes hung from the railings of the back deck?  Under that huge tree you’ve loved for years?  We’re willing to bet there’s a place in your yard where these non-stop begonias would add some color and texture that nothing else has provided.  You can plant them now if you’re daring, but the danger of frost officially passes on April 30th, according to this map of historical averages.  Happy planting–whenever you decide to dig in!

~Every Bloomin’ Thing

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