outdoor plants for Iowa City {put some roots down — or up}

Our customers have been raring to go with their spring planting since March. We can hardly blame them, with the atypically warm weather we had while it was technically still winter! But early- to mid-June is a more traditional time to start asking yourself, “What should I plant this year?” We have some suggestions.

art planter, cone planterThe planter on the left holds miniature petunias in various colors, along with some lantana in the middle of the basket.

The planter on the right features a pink geranium with lantana along the edges.

Other reliable plants for this season are impatiens, begonias and pansies if you have shade. You might also try Boston ferns, sedum, ivy, or decorative grasses for texture and variety.

If you’re looking for a new planter, we’re excited about the Hanging Art Planters we have this spring (pictured above left). These planters are made of nylon, are UV-coated to resist fading, a collapse to about 1″ for off-season storage. They come in three designs:

dragonfly planter{dragonfly}

French paisley planter{French paisley}

twining vines planter{twining vines}

~Every Bloomin’ Thing

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