purple and green fall wedding {Hotel Vetro}

You’ve flicked through bridal magazines and you’ve joined Pinterest, but we’re willing to bet we’ve got a new one for you:

arbor with suspended bicycle

This setup welcomed guests to the reception of the grandest wedding we’ve designed this season.  Yet along with the grandeur came a playful spirit, which evidences itself in the bicycle arbor as well as several other pieces you’ll see in a moment.

Bicycles are a symbol in this couple’s relationship: before planning to tie the knot, the bride and groom rode a tandem bike, also known as “the divorce maker,” and triumphed over the challenge.  After that, symbolism met whimsy and bicycles became an icon in their wedding plans, appearing on everything from menus to the bridesmaids’ sweatshirts.

The bike’s basket held a mix of purples (stock, lisianthus, and orchids) and greens (Fuji mums, bells of Ireland, bupleurum, and lily grass).suspended bike~ basket close up

The same colors repeated throughout the decor.  The ceremony on the hotel terrace was beautified with moss-covered bottle vases full of Siberian iris, lavender stock, and Casablanca lilies.  Ribbons tied to the chairs at the ends of aisles danced in the (cold!) breeze.

moss-covered bottle vase with lavender stock, Siberian iris, and Casablanca lily

And a carpet of petals from almost three hundred roses took center stage.

rose petal carpet with interlocking circles

The indoor cocktail hour boasted its own creative flourishes, from the large cylinders at the bars…

cylinder vase with hydrangea, stock, iris, green button mums, and limonium

…to the diminutive floral cakes on the tables.

cocktail cake with Fuji mum, Cool Water roses, iris, boxwood, and lily grass

cocktail with decal background

Three designs graced the dinner tables.  A third of the centerpieces were hydrangea and lilies in cylinders of varying heights.

cylinder vases of hydrangea and Casablanca lilies

A third were silver julep-cup-style vases: one with a purple and green mix, one all green, and one all purple.

hydrangea, iris, berries, stock, kermits, pitt in a silver julep cup

The mix combined white hydrangea, green hypericum berries, green kermit mums, lavender stock, Siberian iris, and limonium.

bells of Ireland and hypericum berries in a silver julep cup

The green look consisted of kermits, Fuji mums, hypericum berries, and bells of Ireland.

purple hydrangea and Cool Water roses in a silver julep cup

The purple look paired hydrangea with roses and a little boxwood greenery.

The final third of the tables featured the most unusual design: a cylinder vase with green pinecones suspended inside, fuzzy vines twined around the outside, and a spray of bells of Ireland, lily grass, bupleurum, stock, iris, orchids, lilies, and lisianthus fountaining from the top.

bells of Ireland, lisianthus, stock, orchids, Casablanca lilies, iris, vines, pinecones in cylinder vase

Floral cake “satellites” surrounded the base of each cylinder.  Here’s a closer view of the pinecones, dangling from delicately-textured silver wire toward clear marbles at the bottom of the vase.

suspended green pinecones and vines around cylinder vase

Equally impressive pieces stood tall on the head table.  These contained flowers similar to those in the pieces above, but in silver trumpet vases instead of clear cylinders.

head table long view

Smaller vases between the silver trumpets held the bridesmaids’ bouquets.

head table attendant bouquets and trumpet pieces

Each one blended the same purple stock, hypericum berries, lavender lisianthus, and Cool Water roses seen in the decor with elements seen only in the bouquets: purple veronica, white freesia, and green ball dianthus.

head table  ~ bridesmaid bouquet

If you suspected that the dinner decor was going to have the final word, hold onto your hat.  To one side of the ballroom sat a cozy arrangement of couches, armchairs, and coffee tables.  These, too, beckoned with flowers.

couches and armchairs with floral arrangements on coffee table

Slender cylinder vases wrapped in bark and moss held clusters of bells of Ireland on the side tables.

side table with bell of Ireland and cocktail cake

Chunkier cylinder vases held hydrangea, Cool Water roses, boxwood, and pittosporum on the coffee tables.  Floral cakes added variety to both areas.

mixed cylinder of hydrangea and Cool Water roses and mini cocktail cakes with Cool Water roses and iris

Finally, in case you’re tired of hearing about floral cakes, let’s move on to the real deal.  This gorgeous tower, topped with–what else?–a tandem bicycle, had wheel-inspired fondant circles scattered across its layers.

cake full view

Here and there a tiny tuck of white freesia and white and lavender lisianthus added even more sweetness to the overall effect.

cake adorned with white and lavender lisianthus and white freesia

This event was nothing short of stunning.  The thought that went into every decision was evident.  The effect of the color palette was refreshing.  This wedding design brought together the best of thoughtful planning and spontaneous playfulness, the same qualities it takes for a pair of newlyweds to cruise on a tandem bike.  We wish them all the best on their journey!

~Every Bloomin’ Thing

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