purple wisteria

Sudden.  Unexpected.  Delightful.  These words all describe the blooming of our long-dormant wisteria vines.

Sanja planted this vine in 2002.  Every spring since then, though we waited and hoped, the vine yielded nothing more than leaves.  So, fellow gardeners, take heart: if your wisteria is not flowering, perhaps a wonderful surprise lies just around the corner.  Here is our reward for ten years of waiting!

The soft-hued flowers hang together in clusters, bewitching against the brilliant light and electric blue of the spring sky.

Even a solo cluster is breathtaking, each tiny blossom a beauty on its own.

A plant this gorgeous and aromatic is well worth the time it takes to mature.  If your purple wisteria isn’t putting on a show yet, you’re welcome to come see–and smell–ours!  And if stopping to smell the flowers just doesn’t fit into your busy schedule, maybe you can catch a glimpse as you drive by on Highway 6.

~Every Bloomin’ Thing

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