redbud trees

Have you seen this?  Sanja stopped by the side of the road to capture these redbud tree pictures for you in case you missed seeing them yourself.  These redbud trees are in full bloom at the Dubuque Street exit into Iowa City.

redbud treeWe definitely recommend planting redbud trees in your yard.  They grow quickly.  The vivid purple hue positively pops against the green of new grass.  If you think you’d like to grow one of these stunning specimens in your own yard, check out this article for tips on planting, watering, and pruning redbud trees.

If something softer is more your style, maybe you’ll be drawn to these dogwood trees. The planar limb structure looks elegant from a distance, and the white blossoms look sweet up close.  These are growing in Sanja’s yard, so you know they’ll do fine in Zone 5.

dogwood tree What’s blooming in your neighborhood right now?  Before we know it the summer plants will be sprouting–let’s enjoy spring’s ephemera while we can!

~Every Bloomin’ Thing

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