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D.I.Y. wedding flowers ~ How to Make Corsages and Boutonnieres

If you’ve read this post and gathered your supplies, you are ready to create a D.I.Y. boutonniere–or ten!  And after you’ve mastered the techniques of boutonniere-making, you only have a few more steps to complete a corsage.  Ready?  Let’s go!

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D.I.Y. wedding flowers ~ supplies for corsages and boutonnieres

This post is a reference list–and maybe shopping list too.  Your recipe comes later, in the “How to Make Corsages and Boutonnieres” post.  We want to make sure you have on hand everything you will need before you plunge in

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caesar orchids {a punch of purple}

If you have a passion for purple, you need to know about Caesar orchids.  Aren’t they lovely? The corsage holds three stunning orchid blossoms, while the understated boutonniere accompanies with two smaller blossoms.  A little Italian ruscus keeps the flowers

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