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ranunculus and tulip wedding bouquet {riot of color!}

Some brides like demure; some brides like tons of fun! We can’t take sides, but today we’d love to share a particularly eye-popping bridal bouquet. Are you wide awake now? The late-spring bride who carried this bouquet saturated her wedding

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caesar orchids {a punch of purple}

If you have a passion for purple, you need to know about Caesar orchids.  Aren’t they lovely? The corsage holds three stunning orchid blossoms, while the understated boutonniere accompanies with two smaller blossoms.  A little Italian ruscus keeps the flowers

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purple, white, and yellow bouquet {spring abundance}

This low and lush cube brims over with the bounty of spring.  White hydrangea form a strong base for the wispier blooms: yellow roses, lavender stock, white tulips, and purple Caesar orchids.  Italian ruscus peeks out from the edges. A

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