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naturally blue flowers

Rare is the fall floral arrangement that lacks red, orange, or yellow.  Rarer still are naturally blue flowers.  Maybe that’s why this bubble bowl is so eye-catching: it defies both seasonal expectations and the typical garden-mix color palette.  Blue hydrangea

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small pick-me-up bouquet {just a little something}

We all have days when we could use a little pick-me-up.  This spunky arrangement would make a great gift for a friend who isn’t feeling well, just got bad news, or has a case of the Mondays.  Of course flowers

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delphinium: a true blue flower

Though many people list blue as their favorite color, not many flowers are available naturally blue.  One notable exception is delphinium.  This week we’re working it into corsages and boutonnieres for Prom.  Here’s a simple spring mix of dark blue

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