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embellished sugar cones {sweet holiday decor}

Bring home the biggest pinecone of the season!  These sugar cones from California are hand-embellished by Every Bloomin’ Thing designers.  Accents include greenery, berries, sola flowers, and even tiny feathered friends. * Each one adds a playful element to any

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Christmas bells are ringing!

We swooned over these rustic-chic ornaments and we think you will too! A stately reindeer… …and a charming heart… make beautiful additions to trees, wreaths, or even Christmas globes. Many globe designs are available; we create new ones daily. These make

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winter 2012 glass and ceramics

A strange thing happens in winter.  The natural world loses most of its color–greens fade to brown; browns soften toward gray.  Meanwhile, the manufactured world explodes in colors reserved for the last few weeks of the year–from orange-red and clover

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