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caesar orchids {a punch of purple}

If you have a passion for purple, you need to know about Caesar orchids.  Aren’t they lovely? The corsage holds three stunning orchid blossoms, while the understated boutonniere accompanies with two smaller blossoms.  A little Italian ruscus keeps the flowers

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phalaenopsis orchid corsage

This pretty pair, a corsage and boutonniere for Prom, are made with flowers from the same phalaenopsis orchid plant. Around this time of year we take the freshest blooms from the plants we regularly sell in the store and sacrifice

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glittering gold cymbidium orchid corsage

When a special occasion calls for something spectacular, cymbidium orchids can be just the thing.  This corsage, designed for a girl whose Prom dress is white and gold, has all the va-va-voom you could ask for. Soft sweeps of fuchsia

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