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outdoor plants for Iowa City {put some roots down — or up}

Our customers have been raring to go with their spring planting since March. We can hardly blame them, with the atypically warm weather we had while it was technically still winter! But early- to mid-June is a more traditional time

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stargazer lily arrangement {context changes things}

Here is an altar piece for a wedding, photographed in our shop. Hang on to your hat because you’re about to see it transformed. The context above, a burlap-draped table against a white background, shows the sweet side of the

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white-peony wedding bouquet

White bridal bouquets look timeless and sophisticated. A recent favorite of ours was this all-peony bouquet, which looked angelic and smelled divine! The bride who carried this bouquet added a sweet personal touch: the tulle embellishment under the peony blossoms

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