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wedding bouquet with fiddlehead fern {fiddle-dee-dee!}

Fiddlehead ferns add a unique accent to this bridal bouquet.  The greenery consists of Boston fern tips, tree fern, and bells of Ireland.  Purple and lavender stock bring in some color, while a couple white Asiatic lilies spread their star

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red, orange, and yellow summer bouquet {sizzling colors}

There’s precious and then there’s punchy.  Energetic colors remind us that it’s summer.  (And boy, don’t we know it right about now?)  These flowers represent what we love about the season: its uninhibited, playful, exuberant side.  No miserable humidity here—just

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yellow freesia corsage {fabulous freesia}

Are you feeling the heat?  Whew!  Let’s look at some hot, hot colors to fit the mood.  This corsage, created for a mother-to-be to wear at her baby shower, echoes all the brilliance and energy we’re feeling now from the

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