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white wedding bouquet {freeform design}

Want to be a little loose at your wedding?  Don’t worry; we’re just talking about the bouquet!  If you don’t like the “roundy-moundy” look so popular in bridal bouquets right now, this might be right up your alley.  This handheld

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ranunculus and tulip wedding bouquet {riot of color!}

Some brides like demure; some brides like tons of fun! We can’t take sides, but today we’d love to share a particularly eye-popping bridal bouquet. Are you wide awake now? The late-spring bride who carried this bouquet saturated her wedding

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stargazer lily arrangement {context changes things}

Here is an altar piece for a wedding, photographed in our shop. Hang on to your hat because you’re about to see it transformed. The context above, a burlap-draped table against a white background, shows the sweet side of the

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