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red, orange, and yellow summer bouquet {sizzling colors}

There’s precious and then there’s punchy.  Energetic colors remind us that it’s summer.  (And boy, don’t we know it right about now?)  These flowers represent what we love about the season: its uninhibited, playful, exuberant side.  No miserable humidity here—just

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white wedding bouquet {freeform design}

Want to be a little loose at your wedding?  Don’t worry; we’re just talking about the bouquet!  If you don’t like the “roundy-moundy” look so popular in bridal bouquets right now, this might be right up your alley.  This handheld

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Israeli ruscus

This is Israeli ruscus. Its delicate cousin, Italian ruscus, appears most often in personal flowers such as wedding boutonnieres and prom corsages, but Israeli ruscus appears more in vase arrangements and presentation bouquets. Its stems are nice and sturdy, its

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