white wedding bouquet {freeform design}

Want to be a little loose at your wedding?  Don’t worry; we’re just talking about the bouquet!  If you don’t like the “roundy-moundy” look so popular in bridal bouquets right now, this might be right up your alley.  This handheld bouquet may look formal with its traditional white-and-green palette and its sweet-and-innocent blooms: freesia, roses, and Casablanca lilies.

But its shape is a little playful, a little drapey.  Perfect for a bride who wants to show that she’s rooted in tradition yet unafraid to innovate.

Her attendants’ bouquets take the playfulness even further.  In addition to the Casablanca lilies, they contain raspberry mini Gerbera daisies.  See the photo below this one for a closer view of the daisies.white casablanca lily, raspberry mini Gerbera daisiesWith Italian ruscus, variegated pitt, and pink ribbons to bring it all together, these diminutive bouquets unite the solemnity of the past with the spontaneity of the present.

white casablanca lily, raspberry mini Gerbera daisies ~Every Bloomin’ Thing

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