wild bittersweet vine {Iowa grown}

For those who’ve called asking for bittersweet during the last few weeks: your wait is over!  We purchased a little bit from a local seller yesterday.  And by “a little bit” I mean enough to occupy us for the rest of the day.  Detangling was the first order of business.

pulling apart the vines

We conquered the bramble, dividing it into decor-worthy sections.  The scarlet berries and orange pods effortlessly broadcast autumn cheer.

up close of berries

Some sections looked best draping from a decorative vase.

branch in vase

Some were better suited to being twisted into wreaths or tied into swags.  These shapes look great hung from doors or used as holiday table centerpieces.


We even wove some of the stray pieces into our moss wreaths to brighten our own decor.  We love the untamed enthusiasm bittersweet adds to a space.  Come see which piece begs to go home with you!

bittersweet as store decor

~Every Bloomin’ Thing

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