winter 2012 glass and ceramics

A strange thing happens in winter.  The natural world loses most of its color–greens fade to brown; browns soften toward gray.  Meanwhile, the manufactured world explodes in colors reserved for the last few weeks of the year–from orange-red and clover green to the contemporary riff of fuschia and emerald.  We’re not big fans of that crazy palette.

hatching egg vasesThat’s why the vases you’ll find at Every Bloomin’ Thing this winter take their cues from the gorgeous outdoors.  They are characterized by organic shapes, like the chubby vases above, and uneven textures, like the two styles below.  Both the tall, slender oblongs and the short, narrow ellipses have an unglazed finish that looks similar to woodgrain.

textured ivory vases, tall and short

These glistening vases share a similar shape to the shorter vases above, but with a much different finish.  Each rounded style reveals a speckled pattern in its glaze, reminiscent of rippling water or perhaps even the fish suspended beneath.

mottled elliptical vases, tan and blue

The silver vases below even keep within the nature theme–imagine water frozen to a mirror-like gleam.  These look beautiful holding a single branch of winterberry, and sophisticated holding a full arrangement, greenery sweeping down over the sides.

mirrored silver vases

Classic clear glass remains on display in the form of flared-neck bud vases and innovative cylinders that function as a vase (clear side) or a candle holder (silver side) depending on which end is up.

candle holder/vases and satellite dish bud vases

Taken together, these vases’ earthy colors tell a winter story that we hope is true to the story winter would tell of itself.

whole winter vase display

~Every Bloomin’ Thing

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